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2) - Privacy Statement

The New York State Teamsters ("NYST") believes that every member has a privacy interest in his/her own personal information. Any information collected by the New York Teamsters Benefit Funds Website shall not be sold, shared, or otherwise disclosed to any third parties.

Our Commitment to Accuracy in Reporting
We strive to provide you with accurate information regarding your entitlement to benefits.

How to Contact Us with Questions/ Comments
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Ownership of Information
You have a privacy interest in each portion of information which is identifiable of you. Aside from that privacy interest, the NYS Teamsters Benefit Funds owns unencumbered all information in the NYS Teamsters Benefit Funds Website. Other than the uses of the information mentioned above, we will not sell, share or otherwise disclose this information to any third parties.

Governing Law and Forum
Any disputes between NYS Teamsters Benefit Funds and any other party shall be determined, if applicable, under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 ("ERISA"). To the extent that ERISA is inapplicable, such disputes shall be determined under the law of the state of New York, and any legal action concerning NYS Teamsters Benefit Funds' Website shall only be brought in the courts of the state of New York.